Mohni Sahu

In the time of Tipu Sultan, there were few male escorts in the country who did not know how to call girls. There were only a handful of places from where it was possible to find good girls and they were mostly in the districts of Hyderabad and Bijapur. The people associated with this profession or the girls were called “toll” or “babus”, which in Urdu is actually a shortened form of bazaar. They used to roam about in their motor-bikes and chrome-plated cars looking for their next “call girl”.
Later after the transfer of power to Akbarabad, a different breed of girls began to appear in Bijapur and Hyderabad. These girls belonged to the educated sector and they had proper education and jobs. The younger generation loved to date them and so this business flourished and soon it came under the radar of the erstwhile Mughal kings. The new era called the Post Nawabs led to a massive development in this field. “Call Girl” as we know her today has managed to change the face of Bollywood.
Nowadays, girls from all across the globe can easily locate their prospective dates online. They have a variety of options to choose from. They can contact their respective call centers and get registered with them. This has made it easy for them to reach their intended partners.
However, this facility has also brought under its wings a whole new breed of girls. They are known as “Hyderabadi” girls. They work for the betterment of their brothers in the middle sector and they are highly educated. They usually work in the telecommunication sector. Today, they are working on computers. This has given them a wide base.
“Nizams” or Muslim ladies belonging to the Hyderabad city are another category of girls who can be contacted through the Internet. These “Hyderabad” girls belong to a lower middle-class group. They are known for their beauty and intelligence.
“Saj Bangali” or “street girls” is another sub-category. These girls are well below the poverty line. They are known for their courage and boldness to face all kinds of troubles. They are usually modest people. They are simple people, but they are full of confidence that can help them to make their mark in their areas of service.
A section of ‘Dhangra’ girls belong to Hyderabad. These girls belong to the lowest castes of the society. They are sexually active and yet classy and graceful. They usually appear graceful and attractive to draw the attention of others.
Nowadays, there are various agencies that provide these services to customers. They arrange for personal interviews of girls. These interviews are conducted under the qualified supervision of trained personnel. Based on the information derived during the interview, a suitable girl will be selected from a number of applicants and contacted.
The selected girl will be booked into a hotel or a guest house. Thereafter, she will be presented with a set of formalities by the customer or escort. Call girls can be selected according to their availability, taste and preferences. Depending on their demands, the customers can pick and drop them at their places and times. They are also free to go at their own pace.
There are several other services as well. These include picking up girls from rail stations and buses and taking them to their destinations. They can be given a warm welcome by presenting gifts and chocolates. Some girls may even be taken to the tourist spots in town. They can have a chance to mingle with locals and tourists.
They are provided with ample opportunity to shop till they drop. They can buy any kind of product they want. They can even buy any present or souvenir that is given by guests. They can get a chance to spend a decent amount of time with the guys they are called. Thereafter they can return to their rooms and relax.
After a day or two, the girls are asked to report to their designated places. They are required to undress according to their requirements. Once the formalities are over, they can head home. They can expect a warm welcome from their guests.