Priya Soni

Call girls from Aurangabad have been in vogue since the early seventies. They are mostly school going girls who are highly schooled and had all their schooling completed during that time. Since then, the demand for the services of these girls has increased manifold and there are several agencies now offering to place the calls of local girls from Aurangabad.
They are professionally trained and have a thorough knowledge about their profession. They are very attractive and well known to the people from the local community. They do not use to carry much heavy cash on them but carry just enough to carry a note or a few notes that they can use to pay the people who owe them money. It is because of the above reason that their prices are less compared to others. This is a clear indication of their status and it is something that has been encouraged by the government of Aurangabad.
These days you will find many girls from Aurangabad who are still called by the name of their locality. Most of them are still living in their own locality and have not left the area as they have not been able to find a good job outside the city. But they are still known as ‘girl next door’ or ‘neighbor’s daughter’. They have all the beauty and charm and they make a perfect match for any man who would like to date with them. Now that you know the fact about these call girls you may not think of such names for your date anymore.
The other names given by the people are Bairat-un-Nabi (the name of the capital of the erstwhile Mughal state) and Fatehpur Sikri. The girls belonging to this region were famous in the Mughal court and were given the post of jirgas. Later on the government revised the rules and made the girls an equal class as the male jirgas. So now they are known as Akbar’s daughter and Akbar’s sister. The word Fateh means “unknown” in the Sanskrit language and the word Sikri means the pink scarf worn by the women during the wedding.
Now that you know about these famous girls let us move on to one of the most interesting facts about them. One of the reasons why these girls have become so popular is because of the advent of the internet. It has been noticed that almost everyone who wants to find out about these girls has one common desire; and that is to know how the wives and loved ones of Aurangzeb were treated by him. In fact there are several instances where he was known to treat his wives badly and so these girls have managed to bring a rare sense of authenticity into the otherwise typical stories.
The list of the most famous girls who were married to Aurangzeb is very long. There are some who even became queens. Some of the names of the most interesting names include Fauzia, Badia, Mumtaz Mahal, Hyderabad, and many others. Most of these names are common but the most interesting one in this list is Badia.
Badia was the name of one of the twenty-three wives of Aurangzeb, who had lost her brother. She had become the leader of the Bahuas, the royal family in Mysore and was famous for her beauty. She was the first lady to adopt the Hindu customs of the engagement ceremony and so she was also called as the Queen of Bahuas.
It seems that she spent quite an amount of time with Aurangzeb as she accompanied the latter on some of his travels. When news of his death reached Mysore, Aurangzeb’s daughter Fatima showed much interest in her younger brother’s widow. At Fatima’s request, she got to know about the marriage records of their illustrious father. This made her realize that Aurangzeb was not interested in getting another wife. Therefore, it can be safely said that after his marriage to Akbarabad’s sister Firdaus-un-Nabi, Aurangzeb married Sehid Khan (son of Akbarabad) and was the founder of the Marathas.